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Lithuania purchases benefit both nations

Taipei Times 15 Jan 2022
It seems that Beijing has no intention of letting up pressure on Lithuania, and the US does not seem to understand that this kind of political manipulation can be considered a weapon. Perhaps the only country that is motivated to help Lithuania is Taiwan ... Taiwan’s exports to Lithuania are three times higher than Lithuania’s to Taiwan.

China adopts illegal approach in diplomatic row with Vilnius: Lithuanian Minister

Beijing News 13 Jan 2022
After Lithuania opened a representative office on the island last year, China downgraded diplomatic relations with the country to the level of charge d'affaires and removed it from its customs system ... It escalated in recent times after Lithuania took steps to strengthen ties with Taiwan.

Royal Oak resident celebrates Lithuanian roots through art

C&G News 13 Jan 2022
“I started to draw because there was not much to do to occupy your time ... In 2007, Srugis and his wife had the opportunity to visit Lithuania for the first time since Srugis’ family was exiled, a visit that he described as “really emotional” and “really exciting.”.

Lithuania raises military readiness over Russia-Ukraine tensions

La Prensa Latina 13 Jan 2022
Riga, Latvia, Jan 13 (EFE).- Lithuania is increasing its military readiness in response to heightened tensions between Russia, Nato and Ukraine, the Baltic country’s defense chief, Valdemaras Rupsys, said on Thursday ... Lithuania, a Nato member since 2004, has 20,565 active military personnel that can be mobilized in times of war or crisis. EFE.

Taiwan and Lithuania forge ties despite pressure from China

RTE 12 Jan 2022
At the time of the announcement, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said the new mission in Vilnius would be called the Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania, the first time the island's name has been used for one of its offices in Europe, as normally only "Taipei" is used as part of the aforementioned fudge.

$ 10 billion lost “treasure trove”

Swords Today 12 Jan 2022
No time limit has been set for the conversion of trademarks, Al The fixed rate is 0.5113 per euro ... However, the time limit for Portuguese coins expired at the end of 2002 ... Finally, among the last to join the euro Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have no time limits, Meanwhile Slovenia and Slovakia have closed coins, but not notes.

China’s Public Security: To Protect Economy, Crack Down on Illegal Religion

Bitter Winter English 12 Jan 2022
by Zeng Guanyu ... From Weibo ... This idea is part and parcel of CCP ideology, but is reinforced by history textbooks telling Party bureaucrats that Communism in Eastern Europe fell because it did not crack down on time on civil society, leaving too much freedom to religion, particularly in countries such as Poland, Hungary, or Lithuania ... ....

No Ukraine breakthrough, but NATO and Russia eye more talks

HJ News 12 Jan 2022
The decisions came at a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, the first of its kind in over two years ... Russian President Vladimir Putin wants NATO to withdraw its troops and military equipment from countries neighboring Russia, which includes Ukraine but also NATO allies like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania ... ×. Advertisement ... ——— ... ——— ... ....

“Consumers recognize soft fruit’s added value”

Fresh Plaza 11 Jan 2022
"Raspberries are becoming hugely popular but there is a dire shortage of them," says Rob Pakvis, Euromeridian's managing director ... "Growers are doing this at dozens of hectares at a time. There are new plantings in Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany ... That's certainly not so anymore ... It takes a long time to develop a new variety, says Rob.

China accuses US of instigating Lithuania to undermine one-China principle

Beijing News 10 Jan 2022
Amid the growing tension between China and Lithuania over the opening of Taiwan's mission in the Baltic nation, Beijing asked Vilnis to change its policy in relation to Taipei, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday ... It escalated in recent times after Lithuania took steps to strengthen ties with Taiwan.

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The West has a rare window to put Putin in his place

CNN 09 Jan 2022
Read More ... So what are the Russians hoping for? ... 30, 2021 ... He is afraid of his own people, afraid of democratic elections," says Rasa Juknevičienė, Lithuania's former defense minister. She believes that now is the time to accelerate Ukraine's accession to NATO. "Europe cannot return to the times of Hitler and Stalin, when nations were divided ... .

The situation between the US/NATO and Russia has become critical

Tap News 09 Jan 2022
This time, Russia did not wait to act as they did when Ukraine went sour ... Might they place nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad, a small patch of land between Lithuania and Poland which is still “Russia?” This would afford five minute flight times of nukes to all European capitals ... Brussels, Belgium is 6 hours AHEAD of New York City time.

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